Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 5: Middle of the Atlantic?

Heeeey! Thanks momma, I’m glad ya like it and glad Gma Bev is reading this too! Lauren, I’m so glad you are contemplating THE BACHELOR. I KNOW THEY WILL CHOOSE YOU AND YOU WILL BE ASKED TO ACCEPT THE ROSE EVERY SINGLE TIME. (As long as you don’t let him hear you snort.) And Laura, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!!! E-MAIL ME BACK! I know it sent, so either it went to your junk mail, or you are ignoring me, bad girl!

This is my fifth night on the ship, and it feels like I’ve been here for a month! Our daily schedule is kinda strange! I’ll lay it out for you briefly (very briefly, don’t want to bore you): wake up at 7:20, quietly get up and try not to wake Lee (I fail every morning), go to breakfast/ eat a chocolate breakfast bar while walking to class on Deck 6, get to Anthropology class by 8 AM. After Anthro, I head over to the Union, where all students have Global Studies, after GS, back to the room for a nap. Naps have become very necessary for us, since we have to set our clocks forward one hour every night. (Every night except last night, at least!) So we’re constantly losing an hour of sleep almost every night! After nap 1, all onboard go to lunch, then I head back to the room for possibly nap 2, or do homework. Class at 1:30 then I’m done for the day! I guess that wasn’t THAT BRIEF. Sorrrrryyyy ☺ I spend the rest of the day doing my homework OUTSIDE with the ocean as my view! It’s amazing!

I absolutely love being out in the middle of the ocean! It’s so beautiful and kind of unreal to see only ocean and no land. This morning, our ship passed a Portuguese island around sunrise (6 AM!) I wish I could remember the name of the island haha. But I can’t. That would be the first sight of land we’ve seen since leaving Halifax. I didn’t hear the announcement yesterday, so I missed it! I heard it was really cool though, because it was still dark out but the lights on the island made it stand out awesomely ;)

As for my classes, they are going alright so far! They are very interesting, at least. If you don’t want to read about school during the summer, just skip this paragraph☺ I love my anthropology class; my teacher has done field work in Ghana so it’s really cool listening to her experiences. My Good and Evil in Religion and Literature teacher is CRAZY. He is such a goofball. His lectures make no sense whatsoever and have no structure. I think he just likes the sound of his own voice. I hope he can’t read this. But he is crazy! I don’t know how he has a job at UVa! But at least the reading material is interesting☺ Both of my teachers have talked about religion and how they think you can find God your own way, however you like… which is a nice thought, but not what I believe! So that can be a bit challenging to listen to.

On another note, Lee and I have been meeting more and more people! It’s been very interesting! Since you can’t use cell phones or facebook/internet it’s hard to meet up with people you don’t know very well, unless you tell them your room number, and then you can just drop by. But because of that, we usually sit with different people at every meal! It’s really cool to meet so many different people from different states. We’ve been meeting more and more people from Boston and Pittsburg and Connecticut. OH MY GOSH! Lee just found out earlier today that there are two more girls from Baylor on the ship!! How did we not know that?!! One will be a junior and she’s a Kappa, and the other is a senior! I don’t know who they are yet but hopefully we’ll run into these other Baylor girls soon!! Also, I saw a guy from far off yesterday with a University of Arkansas shirt. Wonder if anyone knows him? Also saw a girl with a Seaside sweatshirt one! There are just so many unknown connections all around haha☺

We have only 4 more days until we reach the shores of Barcelona, Spain! I cannot wait to get there. Lee and I and a few other new friends have so much planned for when we are in port; I just want to see everything!

Anyway, thanks for reading, family and friends! I love when I hear from yall, it’s easy to get homesick here. Me and Lee have just had to make each other our home and family. Keep us in your prayers and yall are in mine!

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  1. Yay! I love to hear from you... (EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVEN'T RESPONDED TO MY EMAIL!!!) :) Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I'm missing you like a CRAZY though! Your days sound insane, and I don't think I could handle all the napping! The pushing the clock back an hour every day is kind of brutal though! I bet it's so beautiful out on the ocean though! I love that salt breeze. :) Hmm... your teachers sound interesting. Is Good and Evil man funny at least, or annoying?

    Agh, what day is it? Are you in Barcelona yet? Almost! My brother Brian just got back from there and he said it's his favorite place in the world. Have a blast, be safe and I miss you!!!