Friday, May 14, 2010

Greetings from Seaside!


Countdown until SAS: 30 days!

I figured I'd update yall on life pre-SAS and the preparations being done for my summer overseas!

Right now, my parents and I are in Florida, but only for a week. It's so nice and comforting being here again. Last time I was here was for Spring Break (SBX!!!!) with my 5 girlies, the "Sassy Six". What FUN! I miss them now, as I sit on my bed... all alone... while my parents sleep below me. :( Not even my goober of a sister is here to keep me company or watch movies with me late into the night! Ah, I guess I'll survive.
I am looking forward to this week of rest and relaxation, though. Tomorrow, I plan on waking up, going for a run (YES on the beach, Ahhhh.), coming home and eating some delicioso breakfast with my mommacita, and then heading to the beach. All day. I'll probably fall asleep with my face in the sand and wake up sunburned. BUT that is fine by me!

Now, back to the point. As for preparing for Semester at Sea, let me update you a little! I have signed up for field trips through SAS for every country. I have signed up for one in every country that we stop in, and each will take up about a day in port, out of the 5 days we have in each country. I must say, I am especially excited about hiking Mount Vesuvius when we go to Italy, and visiting the pyramids in Egypt! Actually I am excited about every port. I have never been to any of the 7 countries I'll be visiting, and can't wait to learn so much and grow so much and have an ADVENTURE of a lifetime! Alongside my darling dear friend, Lee!

Of course, I have also signed up for the classes I'll be taking this summer. So far, I am registered for: Introduction to Anthropology, Religion & Literature: Good & Evil in Fable, Allegory, Parable & Tragedy, and Global Studies (the latter is required for everyone doing SAS.) We are only allowed to sign up for 2 classes + Global Studies before boarding the ship, so once I get onboard, I plan on signing up for an Art History class. So, class sign-ups and field trip sign-ups are pretty much all I've done so far. I have 30 days until I leave Little Rock for Halifax, Nova Scotia!!! AHHH!!! I am ready.

The intention of this blog is for me to have an easy way to keep in touch with you all - my friends and family! I think I'm going to try to update at least once or twice a week, to let yall know what's UPPP! I would really appreciate updates on everyone's life this summer - I don't want to come back and have no idea what's new in YOUR life! Keep me informed! Feel free to comment on this blog, or send me an e-mail at:

ALTERNATIVE: you can message me on Facebook. Although, I probably won't be getting on Facebook much this summer, since each passenger on the MV Explorer (our ship!) is only allowed 125 free minutes of internet. So.. e-mail or this blog would be preferable :)

p.s.: I'll be sure to write ya back if you write to me! :D

Sorry this post was perdy boring. I'm not much of a blogger, I realize. But I guess that doesn't matter much in the whole scheme of life!



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  2. Hi! Okay, I figured out how to post a comment, again --- and duh --- like it was so hard to click on comment at the bottom of the page! ha! I just didn't see it! Anyway, have fun in Montenegro and your last day in Croatia on the beach, and study for the anthro test, please! Love you, MOM

  3. Hey! You posted a new picture! I love it of the three of you (who is the third girl?) of you all climbing Mt. Vesuvius? Or ??? Anyway, I remember in your blog you mentioning climbing sticks, but I can't remember where that was - must have been the volcano? NO?

    Anyway, it's so cute! I love it! I know you must have many many more pictures than the ones you've downloaded to facebook, so I can't wait til August to see you and the pics!! I love you! MOM